First Week: Legal Analysis

Well, I have officially completed my first week of law classes! I was fortunate enough to attend the Summer Start Program, which means I get to focus on one class before the full (part-time) schedule starts.

After this first week, my concern with balancing work, homework, classes, and home life hasn’t lessened much, if any, but it hasn’t gotten worse either. Since a 16-week course has been shortened into an 8-week course, I’m assuming that we’re receiving twice the amount of homework than I should expect when 16-week courses begin in the fall.

The first day, Monday, May 22, 2017, was one of the best days of my life. In my mind, I had built this class up to be intense and have a scary professor who calls on people just to torture them. However, the first class was very relaxed and the professor is probably going to be one of my top five…of all time! I was delighted to discover that he teaches night classes in the fall and that there’s one girl who will also be attending night classes. Another happy point was when I talked to another student who had graduated at the same undergrad institution! It’s always nice to see a familiar face.

Our first case was Baxter v. Fugett. We briefed cases with issues of negligence and contracts and, in the meantime, I practiced navigating OneNote! OneNote is a Microsoft product and, let me tell you, it is a dream come true! I’ve always preferred to take hand-written notes, but many of my law student acquaintances say that some professors talk too quickly to take hand-written notes. The other benefit to OneNote? You can search your notes (like Google) instead of trying to flip back and forth between pages!

While briefing cases was somewhat difficult due to the fact that no one’s brief will ever be the same and, therefore, no one brief is “right,” the most difficult part of this week was work. Since I had a 3-hour class during the day, I skipped lunch and worked 2 hours later than normal. Sometimes more if I had a lot of entry. Luckily, my second week of class won’t require as much “make-up time,” since the classes are only 2 hours. I also found that maintaining a girlfriend status (my boyfriend refers to it as “little house wife”) difficult. After an 8-hour work day and 3 hours in class, cooking dinner, doing laundry, having energy to workout, and, really, being nice at all was difficult, especially since I had homework hanging over my head that I had to finish before class the next morning.

Regardless, I feel better about classes. Even though I’ll have a new teacher in my next class (always a little scary), I’m looking forward to this journey! Now, I’m off to read another case! Until next post…



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