First Day of Crim Law

Yesterday was my first day of Criminal Law and the amount of knowledge I gained in that short hour and a half made me giddy with excitement! While I don’t feel smarter, necessarily, my mind feels…expanded. People said that most of law school is teaching you how to “think” like a lawyer…they weren’t kidding.

Unfortunately for me, my anxiety has been on an unusually high level lately. Here’s a list of things I’m anxious about: getting called on in class, trying to keep up with homework (does it take everyone else this long to read and brief a case???), having energy to cook so I can stay/feel healthy, worrying about keeping up with 3 classes in the fall, being a decent girlfriend/cat mom while in school, staying in frequent contact with family, maintaining a workout schedule, and getting my work finished at my job.

Until next post.



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