No Class Today, But…

One of my favorite things about law school is that we get assignments for the next week way in advance! So, while I’m on a flight to attend my nephew’s graduation, I will be studying cases for next week’s classes. Since they’re assignments for Criminal Law (the area I intend to focus on), they don’t even really feel like “homework”assignments. This upcoming week, we’ll be studying Actus Reus, Mens Rea, and Acts and Omissions. 

Here are some of my thoughts while I was waiting for the plane to take off:

  • Nap or study? Hmm… 🤔
  • Dude. Shut your kid up. 😑
  • My boyfriend. ❤️
  • Caspian, my cat. ❤️
  • There’s only like a 70% chance I’m going to live through law school! 😭
  • Nah. 😅
  • I’m doing homework on vacation. I’m definitely going to survive law sch… 😲
  • IF THAT KID KICKS MY SEAT ONE MORE TIME!!! I’m going to turn around and slap him FOR you! 😡
  • Is this girl next to me asleep? Dude. She can’t sleep through takeoff. There’s no way. 😝
  • I won’t get cuddles from my favorite boys today. Or tomorrow. 😭
  • Hmm. I probably shouldn’t highlight on a flight. If it gets bumpy and I jack up my perfect lines, I’ll be so mad. 😖
  • Uh. The girl legit slept through takeoff. 😳 I want those napping skills. 
  • People should give children under 6 sedatives if they’re on a 7 AM flight. 🤐
  • Earphones. 😎

Also, St. Paul airport is HUGE compared to the little airport I’m used to at home. So I have to do is get to Terminal A11, right? Yeah, not that easy. I took the same escalators THREE times (in the middle of a food court where the same people saw me…three times) because I got confused. 

Anyway, now I’m off to graduation! Until next post…



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