Flying Back Home

Michigan was an interesting and unique experience, but fun and busy! In between graduations and celebrations, I napped. So that left me with the flights back home to finish my readings for next week…I didn’t. I have about 15 pages left in my casebook and 22 from a reading packet the professor put on TWEN. But that’s still a much more feasible amount of pages to read than what I had when starting this journey!

On the way back home, the longest flight of my entire vacation was from Detroit to OKC and I couldn’t get my boarding pass to download on my phone. After talking to the ramp agent, I discovered that I was “waiting on a seat.” Oh, great. My anxiety started kicking in: “Wait…does that mean I might not get a seat? I bought my ticket weeks ago! What if the flight fills up and I’m stuck in Detroit?! DETROIT. The city with the major economic meltdown! Oh my gosh…I’ll have to sleep on the airport floor. There are no plugs here. My phone will die. No one will know where I am. I’LL DIE!!!” 

So, to ward of my anxiety, I went to the airport Chili’s and ordered a big order of honey glazed something-or-another chicken tenders, served with ranch and fries. While sitting there, two nice men sat down and ordered some beer and hamburgers. They asked what I was reading, which was, what else? My Criminal Law casebook. That led to a lovely hour-long conversation about my future career, the government, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma, and, of course, my constant companion, Anxiety. 

Pretty soon, it was time to go back to my gate to try to get a seat. As I was waiting for the lady to announce it, a school group of nine underage humans (if you can call them that) and their two teachers came up looking to “get a seat” too. After having a mild panic attack, I decided to try to blend in with them so I could get my ticket first (haha).

After receiving my ticket, I noticed that it said “premium.” “Premiums” get to board early. I figured I could handle any seat as long as I got situated first. 

Turns out, Premium equals first class on Delta! I was all by myself in a single seat on the left hand side of the plane! Yep, I was one of the people you walk past at the front of the plane and wonder if they’re legislators or millionaires or something/someone special. Apparently, they’re just normal people like me! 

There was a pillow in my seat and a mini “charging station,” which I was relieved to find because my phone was on 13%. While everyone else was being seated after us, we were served little bottles of water on a silver tray! Then, we were asked before our flight took off what we’d like to drink once we were in the air. Also, for your information, premium seats recline. Not like the eco class “recline,” FOR REAL recline! 

After finishing twenty-five pages of the readings, I decided to lay back and take a rest since I still wasn’t entirely sure what “Mens Rea” meant. 

After I got off of my flight, I looked everywhere for my boyfriend’s car. But his car wasn’t there…because he had parked it so he could come inside the airport to see me! I hadn’t realized how much I had missed him or our kitten until I gave him a hug and fell asleep with Caspian!

A happy end to a happy day. Until the next post…



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  1. “Somewhere in your youth or childhood, you must have done something good.” –to get such royal treatment on an airline!
    As “Mom” of a “little law student,” there are a lot of words that I don’t understand, but I read your writings, grin, nod my head and tell you how proud that I am of you!!

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