How Much Does the LSAT Matter?

Personal opinion time: after my first class in law school, I believe that, aside from getting accepted into law school and receiving scholarships, the LSAT does absolutely nothing for you and does not even lend a clue as to how you will do in law school. It's a test to weed out students who don't... Continue Reading →


Catching Up

It has been a busy couple of weeks! I'm still greatly enjoying law school, but am finding it difficult to write my outline because I'm not entirely sure what all to include. On a side note not related to law school, I have been making cold brew coffee and cutting back on cappuccinos (and, in... Continue Reading →

Flying Back Home

Michigan was an interesting and unique experience, but fun and busy! In between graduations and celebrations, I napped. So that left me with the flights back home to finish my readings for next week...I didn't. I have about 15 pages left in my casebook and 22 from a reading packet the professor put on TWEN.... Continue Reading →

No Class Today, But…

´╗┐One of my favorite things about law school is that we get assignments for the next week way in advance! So, while I'm on a flight to attend my nephew's graduation, I will be studying cases for next week's classes. Since they're assignments for Criminal Law (the area I intend to focus on), they don't... Continue Reading →

Crim Law: Day 2

Today's class was even better than yesterday's! At the end of the hour and a half, I looked at the clock in disbelief because I was having so much fun that I had lost track of time! After today, I'm feeling a little more confident in my understanding of the cases. As some of you... Continue Reading →

First Day of Crim Law

Yesterday was my first day of Criminal Law and the amount of knowledge I gained in that short hour and a half made me giddy with excitement! While I don't feel smarter, necessarily, my mind feels...expanded. People said that most of law school is teaching you how to "think" like a lawyer...they weren't kidding. Unfortunately... Continue Reading →

First Week: Legal Analysis

Well, I have officially completed my first week of law classes! I was fortunate enough to attend the Summer Start Program, which means I get to focus on one class before the full (part-time) schedule starts. After this first week, my concern with balancing work, homework, classes, and home life hasn't lessened much, if any,... Continue Reading →

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